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End Terminal

(MASH, Median, Tangent, etc.)

During head-on impacts within MASH criteria, these systems are designed to dissipate energy by the head traveling down the anchored W-Beam panels. During length-of-need side impacts, these system are also designed to contain and redirect the impacting vehicle.

• MASH TL-3 and TL-2 compliant
• DOT maintenance crews have the same familiar parts to work with
• Contractors have the same ease of installation

W-Beam & Thrie-Beam Systems

(Strong Post, Weak Post, MGS Standard, etc.)

Galvanized, weathering steel, acid etched, painted or powder coated guardrail can be curved either convex or concave as required. Terms convex or concave refer to the direction curved, outward or inward, relative to the traffic face of the rail.

• Works with most end terminals
• Components are available in 12 gauge or 10 gauge as required (except where noted)
• Alternative guardrail systems are available for restricted roadway applications (Refer to State DOT Standards for additional details)

Post & Block Options

(Steel, Wood, etc.)

These are made with weather-resistant materials which minimize damage related to rain, snow, and extreme cold/heat and make them very durable resulting in less damage by ongoing roadway operations such as snowplowing and mowing.

• Standard posts come in 6' (other lengths available upon request)
• Blocks come 8", 12" and 14"
• Blocks can also come in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which offers superior resistance to solvents, alcohols, acids and alkalis
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