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Traffic Calming Devices

(Bump, Hump, Car Stop, etc.)

Slow down traffic in a gentle manner with our recycled rubber calming devices. Can be installed on asphalt or concrete. These products will not chip, crack, or crumble, are resistant to weather, oil, salt and moisture while also being protected from UV light.

• Car stops available in 4', 6' and both can come with yellow or white reflective stripes
• Standard bumps come in 2.5" by 4' or 6' long sections while low-profile bumps come in 2" by 6' long sections (end caps sold separately)
• All made in the U.S.A.

ADA Tile

(Peel & Stick, Cast-In-Place, etc.)

All products are made in the USA and provide ADA compliant tactile warning surfaces for visually impaired pedestrians at a reasonable cost to contractors, cities, counties, transit authorities and other agencies. There are also a variety of installation options available.

• Will not chip, crack, or splinter
• Can be used for parking structures, asphalt applications, directional bars and customized logo mats
• Some installations can be complete in less than 5 minutes, drastically reducing labor time and expense, but not at the cost of durability

Smart Road Flares

(Professional, Commuter, etc.)

An innovative radio-linked network to automatically sequence with flashing lights. Approaching drivers see a sequentially-lit string of flares much like a runway landing strip that guides traffic around the incident or work zone. They are easy to deploy and provide advanced traffic guidance and safety.

• Come in sets of 4, 6 and 10
• Colors include orange, blue, red, yellow and green
• Alkaline battery versions available
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