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Mini-Light Bars

(Strobe, LED, Halogen , etc.)

A very effective warning light to protect your vehicle on the side of the road and on the jobsite. Each unit includes a powder painted steel base, polycarbonate (Lexan) outer dome, and center diamond mirror.

• Strobe version comes with an alternating Quad Flash display
• LED version comes with a conspicuous, rapid-fire random flash pattern
• All bars available with cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch and magnetic mounts

Directional Warning Lights

(8 LED, 18 LED, 28 LED, etc.)

With a lightweight unibody design, their housed with a single polycarbonate extrusion with no seams for a better seal. All lamps sequence from side to side in 3 different modes at 2 different speeds. They also have 2 Warning Flash Patterns for advance warning for oncoming traffic.

• Designed for interior or exterior applications
• Come with a 25' cable and a Touch Pad controller for simple operation
• All bars available with cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch and magnet mounts

LED Surface Mount

(Professional, Commuter, etc.)

These high impact surface mounted LED lights are great for use on construction, utility, emergency and municipal vehicles that work on the shoulder or in work zones.

• Colors include amber, blue, red and green
• Can be retrofitted forward, rear or side facing
• Operation Voltage include 12/24 V and 10.5 to 32.0 V

Rebar Caps

(Standard, Large, etc.)

These standard (mushroom style) and large rebar safety caps provide the protection you need from protruding rebar at your construction sites. The standard high visibility orange and lime caps fit rebar #3 - #9.

• These caps are of use where the danger of impalement is not present
• 500 per box (Standard) and 100 per box (Large)
• Large caps fit rebar up to 2” diameter

Pavement Tape

(Engineering, Construction, etc.)

These temporary or permanent foil backed marking tapes are ideal for construction or roadwork where re-routing of traffic flow is required. These tapes are easily installed by hand with no special tools or equipment. In some circumstances, a primer sealer is also recommended.

• Available in 4”, 6" and 12" widths in reflective yellow or white
• Length options are 50 and 100 yards
• Safely guide traffic through work zones

Barricade Tape

(Reinforced, 2mil, 3mil, etc.)

The reinforced tape is highly visible and very durable tape is produced from polyethylene embedded with woven polyester fibers which allow it to retain it's shape without sagging or stretching in harsh elements such as heat, rain, or wind. A more economical version is also available in multiple lengths and widths.

• Company tape with company logo available by request
• Reinforced include CAUTION (yellow) & DANGER (red) in 3" x 500'
• Other options: Yellow Caution, Red Danger, Yellow Caution Do Not Enter, Red Danger Do not Enter, Red Danger/Peligro, Yellow Caution/Cuidado

Barrier Fence

(Plastic, Silt, Diamond Link, etc.)

These fencings are highly visible and ideal for all construction applications as well as Haz Mat, crowd control, sporting events, parades, golf tournaments, stadiums and much, much more.

• Silt fence can come assembled or wire back in black or orange
• Warning barrier comes in lightweight 4' x 100' and 4' x 50'
• Diamond link comes in 4' x 50' (orange/green) or 4' x 100' (orange)

Work-Site Fabrics

(Burlap, Polypropylene, Woven, etc.)

Some fabrics contain stabilizers and inhibitors, that make it resistant to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, heat and soil conditions. Other fabrics can also prolong the surface life and stabilize the foundation while providing a rugged separation layer between aggregate and subgrade.

• Burlap is available in untreated rolls of 48” x 100 yd
• Color Options for Polypropylene fabrics: Black, Green and Orange
• Woven geotextiles are used to hold soil in place

Construction Bags

(Sand, Bulk, Contractor, etc.)

Great for flood barriers, military uses, and rip rap. Can come in multiple shapes, materials and colors including white, orange and green.

• Material options: polypropylene, burlap and woven
• Bulk bag is capable of holding up to 3000 lbs of material
• Some bags come equipped with twine ties
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