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(Revolution, PVC, Enviro-Cone®, etc.)

Indented handles at the top allow for easy pick up and stacking. Can also be retrofitted with one or two reflective collars at four or six inches. Heights and weights vary, but all come with black bases.

• Heights range from 3" to 36"
• Weights start from 1.5 lbs. up to 15 lbs.
• Stencil available upon request

Cone Bars

(Retractable Cone Bar™, Telescoping Bars, etc.)

The retractable bars are made of durable ABS plastic and wrapped in reflective sheeting for night-time visibility. All are lightweight and portable; easy to carry, set up, and store.

• Sizes include 4' to 6' and 6' to 10'
• Color options are yellow/black and orange/white
• Compatible with nearly all delineators, cones, or narrow channelizing devices

Cone Signs

(Clip-On, Workzone & Industrial Signage, etc.)

An easy option for clipping standard warning and directional signs to cones and delineators. Are also manufactured from a special blend of ABS plastics, are injection molded and UV stabilized to prevent fading.

• Available Colors: White, Orange and White/Orange (Custom colors available)
• Can be retrofitted with reflective sheeting
• Custom signs available upon request


(Open-Top, Looper-Tube®, Knob-Top, T-Grip, etc.)

These vibrant and durable tubes come in different heights/colors and a variety of top stems. Reflective sheeting available in single or double 3" wraps.

• Heights options: 28", 36" and 42"
• Colors include orange, lime green, green, blue, black, yellow, red and white
• Stencil available upon request

Delineator Bases

(Octagon, Hexagon, Square, etc.)

All bases are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber and are re-vulcanized for maximum durability. 

• Weight Options: 8 lb., 10 lb., 12 lb., 15 lb. and 18 lb.
• Only available in black
• Easy grip handle base and stacking rings available

Visual Obstacles

(Chain, Tape, etc.)

Are a strong, durable option that will connect to all cones and delineators to form visual barriers that are bright and colorful. Can also come in a highly visible, cost-effective belt barrier system which will fit all cones and delineators as well.

• Chains are 2" tensil with 199 lbs. strength
• Chains come in a variety of colors
• Tape comes in Yellow/Black and extends to 10'

Glue Down Channelizers

(City Post GD, DP 200, etc.)

Suited for the most challenging installations, including Managed/Express lanes, toll plazas and other areas where high durability, minimal maintenance and fast installation are required. Standard colors are white, black, yellow and fluorescent orange with 360° of visibility including factory-applied reflective sheeting and can be installed on either concrete or asphalt.

• One-piece construction with no mechanical springs to fail
• High durability minimizes the need for maintenance
• Crash friendly, features high impact resistance

Surface Mount Channelizers

(FG 300, TSM, FTSM, etc.)

Designed for superior durability in a traditional bolt-down post while also being passively safe and impact-friendly. Bases can also match the colored posts providing an extra measure of conspicuity. Standard colors are white, yellow and fluorescent orange, but blue, brown, green, fluorescent yellow green and red are available by special order.

• Better rebound than simple round tubes are available 
• 1-piece construction with no springs or mechanical fasteners to fail
• Installs in either concrete and asphalt

Embedded Anchor Cup Channelizers

(City Post EAC)

An ultra-high performance channelizer post that is perfect for the most challenging roadways.  Its sleek design and rapid deployment also make it ideal for separated bike lanes and pedestrian pathways. Removable plug covers are also available for the anchor cup in case a post needs to be replaced when necessary, but all posts are removable for storage if needed.

• Easy “Spin-In” installation minimizes worker exposure
• Designed for superior durability and quick replacement
• Sets new standards for performance in the field and ease of maintenance

Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs

(City Post In-Street, FG 300, etc.)

Proven to reduce vehicle speed and clearly identify the location of crosswalks, especially at un-signalized intersections. By using fluorescent yellow-green elements, they quickly grab the attention of drivers. The signs for pedestrians can be installed with either a portable or fixed base.

• Sign dimensions are 12"x36" (with 10"x24" of white high-intensity insert)
• Custom signage available 
• Choose from a variety of bases that can also be color matched

Channelizer Drums

(18000 Series, B400 Traffic Drum, etc.)

Have enhanced material formulation for superior rebound/durability which gives them extended usable life. Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage.

• Available in low-density and high-density
• Choose from multiple base options
• Made in the U.S.A.

Drum Bases

(Snap-On, Tire Ring, San-Fil, etc.)

Choose from an array of different types and styles that best fit your needs and budget. Some bases can also come with a handle if needed, but all are economical and easy to use.

• Snap-on rubber bases come in 25 lb. and 40 lb.
• San-Fil bases are designed to hold approximately 50 lbs. of sand
• Tire ring bases come in a 22.5" diameter
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