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Full-Size Solar Powered PCMS

(Three-Line, Matrix, Color, etc.)

Large message signs are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public with further distances. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, a multitude of functions and options make these signs extremely versatile. They can also be equipped with asset trackers and remote programming.

• Three-line signs are capable of displaying up to three rows of alphanumeric characters
• Use full-matrix for greatest flexibility for displaying any type of message (large or small letters, graphics and symbols)
• Design your own symbols, import your corporate logo and more with a color matrix sign

Mini Solar Powered PCMS

(Mini Three-Line, Mini Matrix, etc.)

A compact version of our full-size message signs. About 30% smaller, these trailers are highly maneuverable and easy to deploy. Perfect for traffic safety, emergency response, special events and more. They can also be equipped with asset trackers and remote programming.

• Use the full-matrix display to present messages as text, graphics or both in almost any application
• Operational time increases due to lower power consumption
• Can also be equipped with an end of queue

Vehicle Mounted Message Signs

(Low Profile, Rigid Frame, etc.)

These small and large vehicle mounted message boards feature a full matrix of LEDs for displaying highly legible messages. They can also be installed in a truck bed or over the cab and when you install them with a wiring harnesses, it gives them a simple cable connection.

• Small trucks sizes (4x6 and 3x6) and large truck sizes (4x8 and 4x6½)
• Touchscreen controller (no laptop required)
• Can be powder-coated for a more durable finish

Speed Display Trailers

(Compact, Folding Frame, Vertical Mast, etc.)

These speed trailers can be equipped with a large or extra-large full-matrix LED display, oversize speed limit sign, and even a work zone sign (with folding frame option). A very portable system to use for easy transport and deployment.

• Display shows vehicle speed in bold 26-inch characters
• Warns motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed
• Ideal for highways and other high-speed roads

Arrow Boards

(Folding Frame, Vertical Mast, Truck Mounted, etc.)

These highly reliable arrow boards are visible from distances of a mile or more and employ a unique high-efficiency power system. Truck mounted versions come in four sizes: 24 × 48, 30 × 60, 36 × 72 and 48 × 96. Easy to operate and maintain while meeting MUTCD specifications.

• 15 and 25-light models available for the folding frame and vertical mast
• Maintenance-free batteries (except for truck mounted)
• Truck mounted versions come in 13, 15 and 25-light models

Light Towers

(Compact Diesel, Battery-Powered, LED Balloon Lights, etc.)

Common applications include, but are not limited to road construction, flagger stations, police checkpoints, emergency repairs, disaster response, search and rescue and special events. Options include a compact version.

• Backup power available for solar option
• Glare-free 360-degree illumination for LED balloon lights
• Can be equipped with asset trackers

Automated Flagger


Portable flagging stations remove the traditional human flagger from the road while providing motorists with clear guidance through temporary traffic control (TTC) zones. As a result, not only do they improve worker safety, but also lower costs by limiting liability and exposure for personnel.

• Tandem tow or optional nested tow
• Intuitive easy-to-use wireless single or double controllers
• Battery powered and solar charging


(Portable, Mobile, etc.)

These rental‑ready generators are built for construction, energy, telecom and industrial markets while also having quality you can trust to give you many years of reliable performance. They are durable and reliable power systems you can count on.

• Mobile versions include environmental features that help protect work sites
• Easy maintenance for portable options
• 2-year/2000-hour warranty (Mobile) and 3-year/2000-hour residential warranty (Portable)

Surveillance System

(Mini Solar, Traffic Camera, etc.)

These all-in-one portable video solutions are compact and portable for easy transport and deployment. Wireless communication provides the features you expect for remote monitoring and control.

• Secure job sites and other locations
• Deploy in less than 10 minutes
• Easy-to-tow with most vehicles
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