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Permanent Pavement Repair

(Bag, Pail, One Ton Bulk Bag, etc.)

Make high-quality, permanent pavement repairs while minimizing traffic interruptions which eliminates constant repeat repairs that are necessary when using products like standard bulk cold patch and hot asphalt.

• Minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations
• For the repair of potholes, small utility cuts, and trenches
• Application options can include water or no water

Pavement Markers

(One-Way, Two-Way, Ceramic, etc.)

Some are made of a durable ABS plastic shell filled with an inert thermosetting compound while others combine the power of brilliant night time visibility with a self cleaning glazed surface for exceptional daylight visibility.

• A variety of sizes and colors available for various applications
• Solar markers are available in one way or two way reflective plastic or aluminum shells
• Ceramic pavement markers feature a heat fired glazed surface that promotes self-cleaning and excellent daytime visibility

Glass Beads

(Adverse Conditions, Fog, Rain, etc.)

Marking spheres enhance visibility to improve highway safety and anywhere that requires superior visibility. They conform to all national and international standards and can be used in colored markings, thermoplastic and thermal spray plastic as well as in cold plastic and cold spray plastic.

• Options include Type I, Type II and Airport beads
• Alternative type of bead available for MMA
• Bulk boxes, super-sack or customized packaging available upon request

MMA Pavement Markings (NEW VIDEO)

(Crosswalks, Bike/Bus Lanes, Airfield, etc.)

These pavement markings are the preferred choice of transportation and safety officials for a variety of special-use lane marking applications. While being vibrant, durable and cost-effective, these bright, long-lasting road pavement markings bring greater safety to cities and communities.

• A variety of standard and custom colors
• Aggregate types and sizes available
• Fast cure in a wide range of temperatures (40°-100° F)

Traffic Paint

(CALTRANS, Federal, Custom, etc.)

Used on road surfaces in order to convey official information and are commonly placed with road/pavement marking equipment. They can also be applied in other facilities used by vehicles to mark parking spaces or designate areas for other uses.

• Custom paint colors available
• CALTRANS specification: white, yellow, & black
• Federal specification: white, yellow, black, red, blue and green

Thermoplastic Systems

(CALTRANS, AASHTO, Preformed, etc.)

Also called hot melt marking paint, this powder paint is sprayed on road surfaces in which, after cooling, the paint forms a thick polymer layer and is wear-resistant, bright, and reflective. Thermoplastic can also be used very effectively for large anti-skid areas on roads and pedestrian walkways by adding glass beads.

• Also available in different legends in preformed thermoplastic
• Excellent performance in a wide range of conditions
• CALTRANS specification: white and yellow
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